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Euro Drop Sas produces since 1970 chemicals and equipment used in various industrial sectors. Our wide range of epoxy resins and polyurethanes, the result of a continuous and technological research meets many needs in the decoration, printing and doming industries. The attention to customers and compliance with the latest international standards make Euro Drop Sas one of the most trusted brands in the industry.
A wide range of epoxy hardeners and enamels, produced with the best raw materials, ensure the highest quality to our customers. Multiple combinations of resin and hardener allow different applications and finishes, from fluid and flexible resin for 3D labels to glass effect enamels, from systems for sanding to hardeners for the coating of vertical surfaces.

Applications: jewelry, eyewear and button industry, metal and glass accessories, 3d labels, promotional items, badges, plaques and medals, costume jewelry.
Formulated to meet the high standards of the automotive market,
they warrant eight years of UV resistance outdoor applications. They resist under sunlight and other atmospheric agents without yellowing or deteriorating. PU resins protect graphics thanks to the known scratch resistant property.

Applications: promotional labels, 3d resin decals, signs, logos for fabrics, automotive industry, badges, glue.
Special colors that create innovative effects enriching the look of the products compared to other finishing techniques.
Transparent and covering pigments, which are all compatible and mixable
between them, in order to create infinite color shades.

Marble effect pigments. Neon, fluorescent, metallic and metal colors.
Glass or polyester glitters can be added to the resins giving additional
sparkle to the domed piece.
Mixers and dispensers for the mixing and the application of epoxy and polyurethane resins. An accurate control of the flow of the product allows you to quickly dome labels of any shape and size.

The multiple settings of our dispensers allow you to have a very versatile production, from individual pieces such as samples up to thousands of labels per day.
For our team, REACH is not simply a matter of registering products. Compliance and a commitment to product safety are central to our business and deeply embedded in our business program.

We support ECHA, REACH and CLP program and their targets, which are consistent with our own corporate philosophy. To provide innovative solutions and help to create a sustainable future, with no harm to people or the environment.

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